THE 1,000 COLOURS OF ANIMAL BANDIDO from Barcelona Visió on Vimeo.


Estaremos participando en el Festivalet, Feria de cosas bonitas.
18 y 19 Diciembre 2010

-Interview by Matt Bramford for Amelia´s Magazine,check the great illustrations!

-Pepo moreno interview us for Pull The Metal

-Article by Brown Paper Bag



French ELLE, June 2009

Interview of Sliimy by Perez-Hilton wearing and talking (at the end) about Animal Bandido.

-Vanidad nº154,Abril 09


-Clone Magazine, July 09


-Calle 20 nº37, April 09


New books we appear on:

"One day"
A compilation of different artists by Emil Kozak
Edited by Index Book
ISBN: 978-84-96774-77-3


This directional and innovative book takes a fresh look at graphic art and its place in the world of contemporary fashion.
Edited by Promopress
ISBN: 978-84-936408-6-6

-Soul Magazine, July 09

-H Magazine,June 09

-Rua de Baixo,Lisboa, April 09

-Spinning Jenny, Hangar,Barcelona March 09

-Faesthetic,Usa, February 09

-lamonodigital,video-entrevista,December 08

-Fred Flare, New York, October 08

-Big fenomeno, Chile, Agosto 08

-Tendencias tv, Mayo 08

-Belio Mgz nº26, Fiesta, Mayo 08 (interview + photos)

-Exposición Lam1,Fashion Dogs gallery,Abril 08

-good2b, Abril 08

-lamono nº42,Folklore, Abril 08 .pdf